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Nutrition for Healing Substance Abuse

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Nutrition for Healing Substance Abuse

Utilizing Nutrition to Heal Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Alcohol addiction and drug abuse are two diseases that are plaguing modern society. The misuse of alcohol and drugs leads to problems with the law, with home life, and with employment. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in 2009 50.9 percent of the population were regular drinkers. Moreover, deaths from alcoholic liver disease were at 15,183 and alcohol induced deaths were at 24,518. Fortunately, there is a way out of the struggle of addiction. Proper nutrition can be essential on the road to recovery. The body can come back into alignment with the proper amount of exercise, nutrition, care, and rest.

People who misuse alcohol typically do not eat a well balanced diet. On top of this, alcohol depletes the body of vital nutrients and minerals excreted by overuse of the kidneys. Addicts of any kind are most often malnourished because the use of drugs and alcohol keep the body from absorbing nutrients found in food. Addicts are often deficient in amino acids, folic acid, and b-complex vitamins. This deficiency reduces the production of certain hormones, such as seratonin. These hormones play a role in moods and behavior. Those who have neglected the needs of their body through the misuse of drugs and alcohol often have poor gastrointestinal health including constipation and slow digestion. They need high nutrients to rebuild their damaged tissues and organs so they can continue on the path of recovery.Nutrition is an excellent way to heal the damage of alcohol and drug addiction. To begin the process, eliminate foods that can cause a change in mood such as sugar and caffeine. Next, flood the body with clean, pure water to fully hydrate the system. Then, travel to a local Farmer’s Market or a health food store and buy many brightly colored fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes, eggs, lean proteins, and assorted dairy items. Include sea vegetables in the diet for high iron count and seafood for high levels of zinc. The focus needs to be to replenish the vitamins and minerals that have been lost to the abuses of alcohol and drugs.

Be sure to pay close attention to the care of the liver. The liver remains highly taxed after abuse of alcohol and drugs because it serves as the body’s filter for contaminants. Garlic, grapefruit, leafy green vegetables, lemons, limes, cabbage, and broccoli work to detoxify the liver. Spices and herbs such as turmeric can be helpful to restoring liver health. Fill your grocery cart with these nutritional foods, herbs, and spices to begin the path to recovery.Treatment centers are found in most large cities in America and around the world. Substance abuse centers are open to the public and many work with insurance companies to find a plan that will meet the needs of new patients. More popular drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers such as the Betty Ford Center in CA; Hazelden in several locations; Pride Institute in Minnesota and Florida; and Adcare in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are more expensive but also carry many insurance plans.

This guest blog was written (with small edits) by Alex Kerwin. He writes for Treatment-Center.Net to raise awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction.

Note from Katherine: please ask your physician or ask me in an appointment before taking vitamin supplements or herbs in concentrated form.

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